Thursday, October 6, 2011

KINGMAX Summer Festival is Coming

KINGMAX brings the latest innovated products and closest hot promotions to Malaysian

[Sep. 2011] KINGMAX, the world renowned memory brand, showcased its latest innovated memory storage solution to Malaysian. KINGMAX’s advantaged technologies have been demonstrated as SSD series product, Over-clocking DRAM Module series product (Nano Gaming Ram), portable flash storage product (USB 3.0 series product), DSC/DV high speed memory card (SD3.0 series product) and mobile high speed memory product (SD3.0 series product).

KINGMAX displayed SSD, Over-clocking DRAM Module (Nano Gaming Ram) and USB 3.0 product (ED01) at once. For SSD, KINGMAX unveiled the 2.5”SATA II SSD with 1 TB, the world largest capacity for SSD, and 2.5” SATAIII SSD with 512 GB. KINGMAX 2.5” SATAIII SSD presented the extreme performance, Read: 415MB/s; Write: 260 MB/s, and trustable reliability through the live demo onsite. KINGMAX also demonstrated the world first Over-clocking DRAM module without heat sink, Nano Gaming RAM, to present the most economy, green but powerful DRAM module solution. In order to share the wonderful experience to local people, KINGMAX announced the latest products to the media on 26 September 2011 at Boston Club, SOHO, Mont Kiara. Besides that, KINGMAX ED01 128GB (USB3.0 UFD) delivered the impressed performance with Read: 66MB/s and Write: 41MB/s above.



KINGMAX showed the SDXC 64 GB and microSDXC 64GB to demo at latest high performance devices. KINGMAX SDXC performed with bright record as Read: 60MB/s and Write: 40 MB/s above. KINGMAX microSDXC exhibited the high compatibility to apply at kinds of high end smart phone and tablet PC.


◄KINGMAX SDXC 64GB Class 10; ►KINGMAX microSDXC 64GB Class 10

“To satisfy the demand of fresh gadgets and echo the local people support to KINGMAX, we brings the latest memory storage solution to share with Malaysian.” Sophia Lin, Sales Manager of KINGMAX, “Furthermore, we plan lots of promotion programs to celebrate SELAMAT HARI RAYA AIDILFITRI’ also.”

  • Buy KINGMAX Memory Card to win Samsung Galaxy SII & iPad2 16GB*
  • Buy KINGMAX SSD to Get Desk Fan for FREE**
  • Buy KINGMAX Nano Gaming Ram to Get USB Hub for FREE**

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KINGMAX Group is the world’s first RAM/memory card module manufacturer that features vertical industrial integration capabilities and solid R&D capability and innovative cutting-edge patented technology. Upholding “Quality comes from perfection in technology”, KINGMAX insists on and endeavours for continual innovation. Its faith in its unique products ensures they continue to take the world by storm. In addition, all KINGMAX products undergo rigorous testing before delivery to ensure the best quality. Lifetime warranty services are also provided so you can set your mind at rest when buying the products. For more information, visit the official website of KINGMAX:

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