Thursday, September 23, 2010

Phone For Elderly By iNO Mobile

"iNO Mobile CP09 Suitable For Senior Citizen"

Mobile Concepts (M) Sdn. Bhd. proudly brought to you the iNO Mobile CP09 mobile phone for the silver haired group. iNO Mobile is wholly owned by Foresight Technologies (S) Pte Ltd.

The first model of iNO Mobile available in Malaysia market is CP09.
The key features are:
  1. SOS button located at the back of the phone
  2. Large buttons on keypad which are the largest in the market
  3. Large screen display for clear display of texts
  4. Bright LED flash light, acts as a torch light
  5. Quick Dial buttons dedicated to instantly dial saved contacts
  6. Hold switch to lock the keypad
  7. Antenna-less FM Radio, can be use even without headsets
  8. Loudspeaker for ease of use when making an emergency call


To use the SOS button, you need to press and hold it for 6 seconds and the phone’s buzzer will emit a loud siren. At the same time it will automatically send out SMS to the 4 emergency phone numbers that has been stored in the phone. Once all SMS has been sent it will automatically call the emergency phone numbers, one-by-one until one of the recipient answer the call. After that the CP09 mobile phone will automatically switch to loudspeaker mode. This feature is very suitable for senior citizen who in need of help after falling down. So they can press the SOS button to contact their son or daughter or somebody to assist them.

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  1. More on iNO Mobile CP09 at

  2. I buy from itech 10 pcs of Itech naro 601 & clip 2 mini bluetooth got so many problems some even cannot on. Soo many problems. Out of 10 5 pcs have problems.
    From Kathy

  3. Hi Kathy,

    Is it you are Authorized Reseller?. If you face any problem with i.Tech Products. You can call to the sales person that serve your account. They will always help you to sent it back to service center. If your shop near to our service center. You can walk-in to our service center. The technical support will help you to solve the problem. If there any question you want to ask. Please call to our customer care line 1 300 888 626

  4. Hi Kathy,

    Do you awared that in Malaysia, there are many unauthorised i.Tech Bluetooth headsets being sold by retailers, especially Naro 601 and Clip II mini models?

    The question is, are you buying the Authorised unit distributed by MCM?

    Please go to this site and key-in the serial numbers of the BT headsets to verify them.

    BTW, how can I contact you? I would like to ascertained the root causes for your complains made here to i.Tech.

    From MCM Customer Service.

  5. where can i buy the ino mobile CP09 in Kuala lumpur?

  6. Hi Christian,

    We have 1 authorized retailer still have this model at his outlet in PJ New Town. Kindly contact Phone Station at 012-342 5657 for more info.

    Alternately, you can checkout the replacement model for CP-09 -- the iNO Mobile F8 at our retail store in Plaza Low Yat (03-2145 2829).

  7. hi there, is this phonw still available?? i would like to get 1 for my parents. thanks.

  8. Hi Anonymous,

    This model CP-09 has been discontinued. The replacement model is iNO Mobile F8 and is available in Malaysia.

    Thank you for your interest.

  9. kenny ,where can i buy the ino mobile F08 in Petaling Jaya

  10. Hi Kenny,

    Kindly check this online shop here:,Mobile,SOS,Phone,F8,334210.php?prod=334210

    or call to 1-300-888-626 for more inquiry.

    Thank you.

  11. may i know still have stock for ino mobile f8?if have,how much?

  12. Hi there,

    The iNO Mobile F8 are no more in the market.