Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mipow Maca Air Color, iPhone 4 Power Case

MIPOW Maca Color Power Case
"Made for iPhone" Certified

Has been quite sometime after the MIPOW MACA Air Power Case was available in the market to fulfill the iPhone heavy user.

Since you guys might feel bored with your existing MIPOW MACA Air. MIPOW has come out a new series of MIPOW MACA Air which is call MACA Air Color Power Case. It's "Made for iPhone" certified and an extension of our Maca Power Cases. The transparent frame with clear detachable top cover provides excellent protection for iPhone 4 without obstructing the unique design of the phone. The MACA Air Color style battery level indicators and on/off switch makes it a perfect fit for iPhone 4.
The anodized metallic backing which provides a variety of vivid color selections for your summer ensures you can choose one from others.

A Micro USB cable is included to recharge the Maca power case and to sync with iTunes. Our Maca Air Color Power Case which provides 180hrs more standby time. It's the slimmest power case for iPhone 4 with 1200mAh Lithium-polymer battery. 

(*Source from MIPOW)

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