Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Coming Soon: Kempler & Strauss W PhoneWatch

"Great Price For An Entry Level Phone Watch"

Did you ever heard of phone watch before? Or owning one yourself? In September 2010, Kempler & Strauss phone watch will available in Malaysia Market. Kempler & Strauss is from California, USA.

The W PhoneWatch has a touch screen user interface. It also comes with a Communicator (Bluetooth headset). The Communicator can be use as a stylus pen to navigate the phone watch screen. This phone also support a microSD card up to 2GB, it is a stereo A2DP+AVRCP Bluetooth profiles and built-in VGA camera. The recommended retail price for this phone watch is RM999.00. So, this phone watch will be categorized as an entry level phone. It's much more cheaper compare to other top brand such as the LG phone watch.

We would like to introduced many more niche products to you in the future.

Stay tune with MCM’s blog and we will keep you updated once the phone watch arrived in Malaysia.


  1. The W PhoneWatch review can be found here :

  2. Hi Anonymous, Thank you for sharing more information. Really appreciate it. Keep stay tune with MCM blog. More mobile phone gadgets and accessories will be update to you and others from time to time.

  3. Expensive Rm999. Last yr i bought it from K&S web about $199/RM650.

  4. Dear Anonymous,

    Don't forget that if you requires after sales service, you need to send back directly to K&S in the US.