Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i.Tech SolarVoice 908- F.A.Q.

For better understanding:
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use solar energy for charging my SolarVoice for the first time?
* First time charging, we recommend using the provided USB cable. The solar panel on the headset is quite small, so it will take a very long time to fully charge the headset.

How does SolarVoice benefit from solar energy ?
* Direct sunlight provides infinite standby time. (Meaning the headset is always in operation mode when under optimum sunlight).

How does solar energy provide infinite standby time for SolarVoice ?
* When SolarVoice is in standby mode, the solar power being absorbed into the headset is greater than the power being used.

How do I know it is solar charging ?
* When SolarVoice is solar charging, the charging indicator light will flash green.

How long will it take to fully charge SolarVoice under the sun ?
* It will take around 15 hours for fully charge if it is under optimum sunlight and doesn’t have anything blocking the sun. We recommend users use the provided USB cable for fully charging the headset.

Is the cradle for charging the headset ?
* No, this is not a charging cradle. It is designed to position SolarVoice to directly face the sun for solar charging. It can be used on your desktop or in your car for solar charging.

To enjoy the multimedia content aduio streaming, do I need to change / upgrade my mobile phone ?
* If your phone is A2DP enabled, you can enjoy the audio steaming via A2DP. However for iPod Touch 1st generation and iPhone 2G, even you upgraded the software to a more advance version, it still does not support the A2DP feature.

Is any special maintenance required for SolarVoice ?
* Just like a regular headset, keep the surface clean, and keep it in a dry area.

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